About Us

La Storia di MammaMia

A piece of Italy in sweet T&T. Owners Mirko & Sharon D’alessio are passionate foodies, love people and are always excited to share their epicurean experiences with anyone willing to try.

The true Italy, the born in and lived in Italy is never far from Mirko’s heart and that is what influences and creates the MammaMia Menu.

Mirko first travelled to Tobago by an accident of faith, but we all agree that it was no accident it was just faith working its Magic: It’s a Fantastic story!
Mirko is from Sant’ Elpedio a Mare in the Marche region, East-Central Italy; As per the NY Times Article of 2005, “it’s the New Tuscany, Sitting on the calf of Italy’s boot rising from the Adriatic Sea to 6,000 foot peaks of the Apennines, a Tuscan-like rumple of lavender fields, sunflower fields and vineyards spreading across hills straight off toward every horizon”.

In 2002 Mirko planned a vacation to Tonga, booked the trip through his usual Travel Agent and dropped in to collect his ticket the day before the flight. As faith would have it, his Travel Agent had gone on Holiday leaving someone new at her desk. Thanks to that Someone who booked Mirko for Tobago and not for Tonga and thanks to Mirko’s adventurist spirit which got him to Tobago without skipping a beat! An offer to start a business, A crazy leap into the unknown with No English, there came to be Ciao Avenue as it was fondly called AND as a story goes, there came a little Mia and a Mamma and : MAMMAMIA was born.

Amore Mio is now MammaMia Café

Amore Mio is “My Love”; Mirko’s endearment for Mia since she was born in 2016. 


Amore Mio Café, the sister shop to MammaMia, opened in 2018 just 2 doors down from MammaMia in Shops of Arima. Staying true to Italy, the  Café carries Hausbrandt Coffee from Trieste and Italian Gelato made locally by Us since 2003. The Cafe offers International  Breakfast, light foods: Panini’s, salads and lots and lots of Dolce – All made by our kitchen.


As each new MammaMia location opened, the AmoreMio Cafe was included at the entrance to the restaurants.


In March 2022 space became available at the Shops of Arima Plaza and now MammaMia Arima & AmoreMio Arima finally share one space, one roof. And for easier identification and branding AmoreMio Café has become MammaMia Café.

L'anima (The Soul) di MammaMia

The soul

Italian cooking is all about the best ingredients worked in simple ways to bring out the love in the food. That’s what MammaMia is all about!

MammaMia’s BRICK Oven Pizza is Pizza just as you would have in a great Pizzeria in Italy and the HandMade Pasta follows the method of the old Italian grannies. The Wine selection features wines from Tuscany, Veneto, Sicily, Puglia and Prosecco DOCG from Valdobiadinne the land of Prosecco.
You will find on the menu the classic Italian drinks: Aperol Spritz & limoncello Liqueur and for Dolce: Tiramisu and Gelato. The Tiramisu is the classic recipe made with mascarpone and lady fingers and the Gelato is made locally in Trinidad & Tobago since 2003 (contains no eggs, no gelatin and many flavours are made without milk, just 100% natural).

In Italy it’s all about the Food!

Food is really the best expression of Italian culture. There’s nothing like a great big feast to bring all your loved ones together! And that goes for All cultures. Pizza, pasta, gelato, cheese and Italian wine are just some of the Italian things that you will keep talking about after a trip to Italy.

Our yearly trip to Italy is all about Refreshing our memory and tastes, discovering new flavours through food with family and friends. And that’s when we also meet with our suppliers to choose new wine and cheese and meat And we bring it here in MammaMia to bring the authentic Italian experience.